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Council Of Creators: Side Stories is a spin-off series of Council of Creators that focuses on multiple other characters from the series and unexplored area of history within the timeline. Like the series it is derived from, it is a collaborative series that is written by multiple members of the FMK Wiki staff.


Unlike Council of Creators and the other spin-off series derived from it, there is no plot to this series. This is because it focuses on different aspects of the series from episode to episode and therefore doesn't always have a consistent cast of characters.


As of now, there are currently three users who write for this series. They are listed below in order of their first episode.


Like the main series, Side Stories is written in the form of short stories of varying length. The episodes themselves often change in writing style depending on who has written the episode.

This tabber includes each episode listed in order of who wrote them. They are listed in order of when they came out.


  • The stories within this series were originally just going to be stories that would tie into the main series, before it was decided that they can form their own spin-off series exploring different parts of COC past.
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