Beetrops and Beetress are a species of insect kaiju living on Traxeguara created by BRK.

The biggest enemy of the Beetress is the Flamape, It's often seen clouds of burning Beetrops when fighting the Flamape.

The diet of the Beetress is the Tropeeuloosus, a species of sauropods often seen in the marshlands and forests of Traxeguara.


Beetress looks like a bee, but with differences the biggest difference is that the abdomen is surrouded by the "hive" where the beetrops live and store their honey.


  • Swarm: The Beetress can command the Beetrops to attack enemies

Beetrops Swarm Attacks

  • Swarm Shield: The soldiers form a cloud around the Queen to protect her.
  • Swarm Cloud: They circle around the enemy and start to drain his body fluids.