Artemis is a lunar kaiju created by SuperNerd. She is the second to last kaiju in Eques Mechanica.


Artemis has a long and skinny human like body and a large triangular prism for a head. Artemis's left arm turns into a large blade and it's right arm ends abruptly, with floating shapes above it in the shape of a bow. Artemis has a long silken scarf that is light pink in color. It has two wings protruding from it's back.




  • Flight - Artemis is capable of flight, allowing her to fly around as she wishes,
  • Space Travel - Artemis doesn't need to breath, and hence can survive in space.
  • Accelerated Speed - Artemis can insanely increase the speed of which she flies at, allowing her to cleave even the thickest of targets in two.
  • Energy Arrows - Artemis's right hand can fire powerful, fast moving arrows made out of energy. She can do this infinitely.


Artemis's name is that of the goddess of the Moon and the Hunt from Greek mythology.


  • Artemis is a borrowed concept from Epoch of Serenity. Her design however, was never figured out.
  • Artemis is the sister of Apollo in both Greek myth's and Eques Mechanica. Similarly to Artemis, Apollo appears from the sun, the reasoning behind the names of the two.
  • Artemis is the first kaiju to kill an assault unit's pilot.
    • In fact, Artemis killed two pilots. The pilot's of Armada and Huoyan.
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