5171-A is a robotic kaiju created by SuperNerd. He is a member of The Stars.


5171-A has a dark grey square like head. It's eyes are the red x connecting to a circle in the center of it's face. Beneath it's head is a wine glass shaped body that quickly becomes long and thin. This sports the Stars symbol on it. On the sides of it's body are long dark grey arms connected to cannons. At the bottom of it's body is a trapezoid shaped piece that connects to it's long legs.


5171-A is the strongest of his kind, an alien war machine. So, naturally, Sagittari would just go in and steal him, right? Nope. Scorpii was sent to stealthily kill any guards at the door and leave spikes on the ground. WOH acted as a diversion, killing any guards he felt needed to die. And Sagittari. His part was pretty complicated. Saggitari was supposed to blow up the facility. To keep 5171-A intact, he needed to put a barrier over the room with him in it. But because WOH and Scorpii where already in the building, he needed to put shields over them. The problem was, he didn't know where either of them where, so Sagittari needed to enter the building himself, meaning he had to put a shield on him. Sagittari found WOH and Scorpii, and put a shield on them, but he then needed to find the room with all of the robots in it. After finding it, Sagittari blew up the building and teleported WOH and Scorpii into the room. They one by one checked the bots but couldn't find 5171-A. So then they looked around more and found him in the dirt surrounding the room. They picked him up, and brought him on the ship. While on the ship, 5171-A was activated. Thinking he was in battle, he blasted his laser at Sagittari. Sagittari used WOH to reprogram 5171-A and turn him into a weapon for their use. 5171-A has no personality and just acts as a war machine should. Inactive until battle.


  • Laser Cutting - 5171-A's eyes are capable of projecting a laser.
  • Precision - Due to being Robotic, 5171-A's precision is unmatched. Every attack will hit.
  • Laser Canons - Lasers are shot out at high speeds from 5171-A's canon hands.


Like all members of The Stars, 5171-A is named after the star of the same name.


  • I made this page purposely redundant and repetitive due to the nature of 5171-A's name.
  • This is my only kaiju to have no personality in any way. Even the Assault Units, due to being linked to humans, have personalities.
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